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An Experiential & Immersive

Learning Centre




When  students feel overwhelmed or just need to have a chat, we are always there. We chat, we challenge & we chart the progress.

The Kitchen/Diner

We start each day with breakfast. 

It fosters communication, creates culture & builds community. This continues with lunch & dinner.

The Art Room

Our Learning Centre

Whether it is a biography or a comic, a newspaper, a board game, or an engaging work of fiction, it's all here. It's also a great place to have engaging & enlightening conversations. 

The Library/Lounge

& more...

Learn & play a great part or learn  & play a great piece. Whatever their fancy, our students can do it here in the  Drama & Music room.

[Life shaped Learning]

The Drama & Music Room

The Pastoral Hub

Creativity and artistic expression is something that we are passionate about. This is an excellent means of therapy and engagement.

The Study 1 & 2

This is the place where we do just that. Researching, recording & realizing the path to great futures. 

We do this individually & as a group. 

[The Guiding Principles ]

Our Policies

Our other policies are available on request

Our Approach

We track progress and evaluate achievement and use this new information to plan next steps




We use a series of observations and assessments to inform and create an individual learning plan




Teaching and Learning is delivered in line with our ethos, specialism and learner needs

[Balancing Academic, Vocational & Therapeutic]


Assess & Plan


We are a group of professionals from the fields of education, health, mental health & business

We share a common concern for children & young people that struggle with mainstream education settings. 


Our aim is to develop & offer specialist education for this vulnerable group who often experience social emotional & mental health challenges. Their behaviour can often be withdrawn, aggressive & disruptive among other challenging presentations.

We will use information from the pilot to shape the education we offer to address the needs of the children & young people we work with & the community around them.

Our Story

[The Who & The Why of Cre8 Futures]

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